St. Mary´s Chorale, Ireland
in Concert in
parish church St. Sebastian
Hof bei Salzburg, Austria
at Thursday March 10 to Sunday March 13, 2016
Musical Leader:
Eithne Donnelly
Michael Grant
Organ and Organizer:
Jan S. Bechtold
Lithurgical Leader:
Priest Josef Sams
St Mary’s Chorale was founded in 2007 to provide music for some of the liturgies in St Mary´s Parish, Lucan, Co. Dublin.
As well as singing at Mass and other functions the chorale have performed choral works, and given many concerts for local charities. We have performed on TV and Radio and have travelled to various churches in Ireland to perform. In 2013 we travelled to Prague for St Patricks Day celebrations.
We look forward to some more travelling and concert performances, in March 2017 we plan to perform Faure’s Requiem and already have been asked to perform some charitable concerts in the Autumn.
Eithne Donnelly
The Choire St Mary’s Chorale as guest in the small village Hof close to the City of Salzburg in the well known Salzkammergut, a part of the country of Austria, presented their wonderful musical capabilities in the mystical environment of the St. Sebastian Church.
St Mary’s Chorale
The names of the singers on this picture from left to right are:Edel Murphy (solo,soprano)Eithne Donnelly (leading)Michael Grant (piano)
St Mary’s Chorale The musicians from left to right are:Colm Gallagher (Guitar)Finola Lawlor (Fiddle)Aine Gallagher (Fiddle)
The Program is devided into two parts.
  1. The Lithurgy with musical performances of the choire
  2. The Concert with Songs and instrumental Performances
Title Composer
Cantate Domino I T Cristie Cary MillerA joyful motet sung by the choir for liturgical functions
Sung by the Congregation
After the Reading
Haec Dies I T Casper EttA motet often sung by the choir for Easter Celebrations
Misicians of St. Mary´s Chorale  A slow Air* on a traditional Irish Tune
Sung by the Congregation
Agnus Dei
Sung by the Congregation
During Communion
Prayer of St Patrick I T TraditionalOld Irish Text attributed to St Patrick arranged by Bernard Sexton
After Communion
Sung by the Congregation
Down by the Sally Gardens I T
WB YatesTC KellyChoire
I will walk with my Love T
Traditional Irish Air*Seoirse BodleyChoire
Palatines´s Daughter/Loch Lomond I T
Traditional Scottish Air*Herbert HughesChoire
Two Fiddle and a Guitar
Traditional Dance Instrumental
Thugamar Fein an Samhradh Linn I T
TraditionalDavid MooneyChoire
Bheir Me Ó T
Traditional Air*Simon CarringtonChoire
Bealtaine na Maighdine
Music Shaun Davey to a poem by Caoimhin O’Cinneide Choire
Possibly some Irish dance tunes
I got Rhythm I T
George GershwinChristopher ClaphamChoire
Fields of Gold T
Music and Lyrics GM SumnerRoger EmersonChoire
©Copyright by Ing. S. Schatteiner