Nylon and Steel_2 - K2 Guitarduo
Concert from Reinhold Kletzner & Ingo Kronreif
Kirchenzentrum Fürstenbrunn
near Salzburg, Austria
at Juni 6th, 2016
Reinhold Kletzner & Ingo Kronreif Guitar
Kirchenzentrum Fürstenbrunn
Elvira Faust
Elvira Faust
The guitarvirtuosos Reinhold Kletzner and Ingo Kronreif gave their concert Nylon and Steel_2 in the churchcenter of Fürstenbrun near the city of Salzburg in the well known Salzkammergut, a part of the country of Austria.
Nylon and Steel_2
We also want to give many thanks to all who spent photos for giving the video a special note.
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